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Janury, 2013

pharmarad got the order to build the compelet hormon pharmacutical factory (design and build) ..

April, 2013

pharmarad got the order to build the compelet baiosafty level 3 lab (bls-3) (design and build) ..


With your process in mind, we guide you through a fast track Front End Engineering phase to develop ...

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  • EGYPT:
  • 1- Complete planning and Rehabilitation of the (storage pool ? Cobalt-60) of the Gamma Irradiator      (Food and medical disposable sterilization) belonging to the Egyptian Atomic Authority, National      center for research and radia on technology (NCRRT) - 2005 -

    2- Complete planning to increase the radiation activity (Cobalt-60 ?up to 650 KCi) of the Gamma      Irradiator belonging to the Egyp an Atomic Authority, National center for research and radiation      technology (NCRRT) - 2005


    3- Complete planning, Rehabilitation and cobalt-60 upgrading of the research irradiators (GC220      and GC4000A), belonging to the Egyp an Atomic Authority, National center for research and      radiation technology (NCRRT) - 2005 -

    4- Complete planning, designing and supplying of the new Multipurpose (food and medical      disposable sterilization) Industrial Gamma Irradiator in Alexandria (2 MCi)

  • http://www.engineeringtutor.net/tutoring.htm
  • http://www.familyhealth-services.com/Registration.html
  • https://www.eldersinstitute.ca/publication.asp
  • http://www.midsouthchemical.com/ro1305.htm
  • http://www.tidalschool.com/thanks.htm
  • http://www.hrinfodesk.com/share-test.asp
  • http://www.desakarate.com/Spirit2008_1.html
  • http://www.highlandermagazine.com/thistl.html
  • http://www.centerchurchhartford.org/youths.asp
  • http://www.americanstudentinsurance.com/nav-icon.asp

    Through the collaboration with the International Atomic Agency (Vienna), we are planning to upgrade the Gamma Irradiator facilities belonging to their Atomic Authorities.


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  • F.M.D Project: This project      including supply and install      (Electro Mechanical 2008 ..
  • Lab Chemicals Factory: This      project including (electro      mechanical) 2010 ..
  • MFFCO Project: Veterinary      medicine plant project (Abo      Sultan) 2011 ..
  • ACD Project: Design and build      hormon factory 16000 msq, 2      line sterile area 2012 ..

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