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Janury, 2013

pharmarad got the order to build the compelet hormon pharmacutical factory (design and build) ..

April, 2013

pharmarad got the order to build the compelet baiosafty level 3 lab (bls-3) (design and build) ..


With your process in mind, we guide you through a fast track Front End Engineering phase to develop ...

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  • EGYPT:
  • 1- BCJ Factory: Project management, Clean Room supervision. - 1999 -

    2- Tetanus Factory (EgyVac Co.): it is an old factory established to manufacture the tetanus raw      material (Toxoid Bulk) from the seeding point. The mission is to upgrade the design to match the      cGMP requirements. (The design had been audited by WHO) - 2002 -

    3- DPT Factory (Egyvac Co.): it is an old factory established to manufacture both Diphtheria and      Pertusis raw material (Bulk) from the seeding point, then the three types of bulks (D, T, P) are      going to the

    central mixing area (in the same facility) for mixing. We designed the system to be  equipped with two filling lines and two freezedriers. (The design had been audited by WHO)      - 2003 -


    4- Auto Destructive Safety Syringes Factory (Vacsera Co.): design for the Auto Destructive      Safety Syringes Factory according to the WHO recommenda on (the annual produc vity is:50      million). - 2004 -

    5- Sera Factory (Egyvac Co.): design for Sera project (manufacturing, formulation and filling      facility) according to cGMP requirements. - 2006 -

    6- Monodose Factory (Egyvac Co.): design for the mono dose vaccine system; two filling lines      (prefilled syringes and UniJect) according to the WHO recommendation. - 2006 -

    7- Formulation and Filling Facility (Egytech Co.): design for new Line (Vials) Insulin formula on and      filling facility. - 2006 -

    8- IV Injectable Solutions Factory (Nile Company For Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industries.):      Design, Supply, Install, test and operate the project (Turnkey Job) - 2007 -

  • IRAQ:
  • 1- Sera and vaccines institute in Abu Gareeb Baghdad.

    2- Neuro Surgery Operation Theater designing and planning.

    3- Medicinal factory in (Nenuwa and Samraa)

    4- Bone Marrow sector: in children hospital (Baghdad)

  • 1- Formulation and filling facility.

    2- Bone marrow project.

    3- Opera on theater sector with 21 inpa ent / day.

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  • F.M.D Project: This project      including supply and install      (Electro Mechanical 2008 ..
  • Lab Chemicals Factory: This      project including (electro      mechanical) 2010 ..
  • MFFCO Project: Veterinary      medicine plant project (Abo      Sultan) 2011 ..
  • ACD Project: Design and build      hormon factory 16000 msq, 2      line sterile area 2012 ..

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